art spicesThey are very popular through our customers, because they offer a single seasoning step during processing, which can simplify operations.

CONDIROL® 1 to 24 - range of products typically contains several different types of spices and natural flavours that create a balanced sensory experience through aroma, taste and mouthfeel,
AROLMIX® 1 to 16 complete range of spices and flavorings without any added flavour enhancer (NO MSG, NO guanilat, NO inosinat, NO yeast extract).

We provide you a wide range of seasonings blends for all range of meat products, from fresh, dry fermented to cooked sausages. They were created through a very carefully selections of the ingredients, some will enhance a complementary flavor, a particularly color or an ethnic flair.

For the demand in the meat industry for high quality cost-effective ingredients that are user friendly and ready to use, we produce a complete package of ROLMIX® 1 to 20 - blends from functional ingredients and additives, with selected spices, with flavours incorporated thereby reducing the workload as well as reducing the possibilities of error in formulation by the customer.



art meat flavourROLLIT® meat flavour systems enhance the meat’s natural flavour and create product diversity, a factor equally as important as convenience.

Adding flavours, seasonings and/or a flavour system to meat often enhances its appeal. ROLAROMA® flavours can replace characteristics lost during processing or cooking, or they can mimic certain notes created during specific processes, for example, grilling, smoking, roasting, etc:

ROLAROMA® PORK, BEEF, LAMB or CHICKEN – natural flavor systems with a balanced note, of cooked/grilled meat, specific for every species
ROLAROMA® HAM 1,2,3,4,5 – different natural flavor systems with a balanced note, for a wide range of cooked and cured pork hams
ROLAROMA® BACON – a very specific flavor for cooked or raw bacon products
ROLAROMA® LIVER – suitable for all pates, meat, vegetable and vegan products.
ROLAROMA® SMOKE – suitable for all meat, vegetable and vegan products.

Our flavours add value to meat products by allowing the creation of consistent, more complex profiles in a meat product and do so in an economic and efficient manner.
Our flavours are on dry powdered bases, which remain stable at room-temperature dry storage.