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rollit hq about usSince 1994, ROLLIT Prodimpex srl develops innovative product concepts and custom-made ingredient formulae for meat processing companies. 

Now is one of the biggest producer, importer and distributor of food ingredients, especially for meat products, in the region.
During the years, based on the technological experience, internal and external scientific research, our team developed products and customer-made solutions that help us became known as:

Producer of the functional food ingredient blends 
Producer of flavourings and tasty spice blends
Major supplier of food grade proteins, fibers and other ingredients
Partner with technical support and recipe optimization 
Creator of innovative product concepts
Know-how supplier for meat processing sector

Based on our technological innovative concepts and knowledge about the food ingredients, flavors and spices, we introduce fully functional food ingredient blends in all levels meat processing companies.

As a producer, we offer you an unlimited range of ingredients and seasonings blends for the meat industry and related sectors.

Our specialist in food engineering create innovative products and optimize your recipes, always keeping in mind rentability, taste and product quality.




Romania, Voluntari, Ilfov, Street EROU IANCU NICOLAE No. 126b, Zip code:077190

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Mon-Fri 8:30 am - 17:00 pm

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